Jairo Josué

Jairo Josué, 16, is in his second year of high school at Complejo Educativo General Francisco Menéndez and is one of the newer members of our scholarship family. He lives at home with his father, mother and brother in El Espino.

Currently Jairo is studying English, Math, Social Science, Language, Computing, Life Skills, Seminar, and Home-Ec.

We asked Jairo to answer a few questions to help you get to know him better. Below are his responses!

What are some of your professional aspirations?

To study either business administration or systems engineering.

Why do you think your education is important?

With my education, I can have promising future and develop personally and professionally.

How has the crime/violence in this country affected you personally?

It’s affected me in that I can’t go to some places anymore because there are gang members in those places.

How do you think positive change can come about in your community or country?

For our country to see positive change, children and young people need to prepare themselves and learn certain principles and values in order to distance themselves from negative influences, because they are the future of the country.

What do you do in your free time?

I do homework, help out with housework, watch TV and play soccer.

What is your favorite music?

I like Christian music.

What are your best qualities?

I’m friendly, responsible and I always try to do the best I can.