Luis Gerardo is a  19-year-old student at the Universidad de El Salvador where he is in his first year studying Industrial Engineering. He joined the FCE Scholarship Program in 2019 as a high school student.  He lives with his mom, dad, and two brothers, both studying in elementary school. His family is formed by his parents and two brothers.  Luis Gerardo says that the program has been of great help, because it provides not only financial aid, but also the training through the various important workshops. In his opinion, the program has not only helped economically, but in many areas, because this program involves teaching scholarship students important skills and values. In addition, Luis mentioned that the program also contributes to the community through projects such as the clean water program, which is very helpful to all the families involved.

When Luis Gerardo  thinks about his future, he is always focused on the idea of continuing his studies as far as he can, and gaining more specialized skills. He wants to be a person who contributes something to his community and makes change in his country.