Kendra Wildenberg, CMU Sophomore

Thinking about this trip it is hard to write out my expectations, as I cannot imagine what to expect. Besides luxury vacations to resorts, I have never experienced another culture or country’s way of life. I could not be more excited to dive into another culture head first, their language, their beliefs, their food and their way of life are sure to all be foreign to me. I am mostly excited about the language piece; I am minoring in Spanish and speaking is where I need the most work. I will have to get used to making mistakes and step out of my comfort zone and accept the fact that I will probably sound like the world’s biggest gringo… haha. Gaining a new perspective of the world free from technology and many of the everyday aspects of life that I take for granted (toilet, showers, etc…) will be extremely fascinating; I want to see what life would be like if I was not in such a well-off country. Overall this trip will be amazing and scary all at the same time, but that is the reason I am so excited. Spring Break could not come fast enough!