So here I am sitting in a hostel in el Salvador. It is hot and humid and strangely perfectly comfortable. There is some old classic rock jamming in the next room or somewhere outside my window. Instead of being annoying it is quite soothing. Today has been incredibly long and boring, but also extremely influential. I have formed new perspectives of the great people I travel with that I never could have judged otherwise. I have also gained a new view of this entire trip in many personal ways. After a very long night of many things going wrong, I prayed a lot about this trip and asked God to grant me a true experience to hear him. He seemed to keep telling me “You are not in control, let me guide you!” Thus far, he has given me so much more than I could have expected out of a simple day of traveling.

I woke up feeling simply happy and excited, knowing that I am in God’s hands, today, this week, and always. In learning about the lifestyles and academic goals of my peer travelers, I have developed a real respect for the strong drive and desire for a passionate life that they each have. God has a way of bringing great people into your life even when you do not expect a connection.

As for my feelings about the country, I am continuously shocked at how comfortable I am. The more I see here the more I remember and realize who I am and who I have been. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle of each day at home. I feel as if I have put aside a part of who I am personally for the need of just getting my responsibilities taken care of. When I am surprised here by something that I can relate to, I remember things that were a significant part of my past and an influential part of who I am viagra in indien kaufen. The first thing I noticed when stepping off the plane was all the people standing outside with signs for travelers and offering taxis. This view brought back a rush of the places I have been in the past such as Mexico and Costa Rica. The tone in the language here and the gentleness in their demeanor gives me a sense of my hometown and the tradition there, including my grandmother and the traditions (especially in food), that she holds near and dear to her heart. These simple hints of familiar mean so much to mean. I feel that with this God is continuously reminding me of his presence, and that because of him and the influences he has given me I can be comforted in this path that he leads me down.

After this long and influential day I am in much need of sleep, but truly look forward to what tomorrow holds. We will go to the community and meet the scholarship students as well as all of their families and friends. I expect it to be different and overwhelming, but I believe that those are the types of opportunities that God puts in our lives to show us the beauty beyond our control. So for now Buenos noches y dulce Sueno.