The heat was intense today, but lovely weather for spring break nonetheless. To start off we ate a traditional El Salvadoran breakfast at the hostel viagra online rezeptfrei. Frijoles, huevos, queso, y jugo. After that we went to the community center where we were greeted with hugs and smiling faces. Nerves and excitement overtook my body as one by one each student introduced themselves to me. Anytime I heard English come out of someone’s mouth I grasped onto it and felt immediate comfort. Language is a beautiful characteristic of culture because it makes each one unique, but it can create quite a barrier. The bienvenida ceremony was captivating. Each student played a role whether it be through dance, humor, Yes, credit monitoring services creates deposits, but it’s not necessarily so that every deposit is attached to a loan. or simply speaking English in front of the crowd. The niños were adorable and reminded me of my niece Isabella. I had to fight tears back watching their joyful faces and thinking that some of these kids may not have the opportunity to pursue their education without scholarships. I felt so very privileged and blessed today. These children had no say in where they were born, nor did I, but because of our locations some things come easier than others.  I know that feeling pity will do no good. What I can do is help to nourish the beautiful souls of our future so they can one day reach their full potential. Education is promising and everyone deserves it. Namaste.