I don’t even know where to begin or if I even have the words to describe these new feelings of such gratitude and love for the families and community of El Espino. They so welcomingly took my roommate and me into their homes. They have made us feel like nothing less than one of their own daughters. I think sometimes people in America look at housing others as a burden and that you overstay your welcome so easily, but not here. Our new family has welcomed us with open arms, and everyday not only tells but shows us how much they love and care for us, and that we are very much now a part of the family.

Sometimes in the beginning I found it hard to be myself, because back home I communicate and show my feelings towards people with only or mostly words viagra 50 mg kaufen. Here I could not do that; no one understood me with the language barrier. But I soon came to realize it’s not about the words, and that it actually is about the action of showing your feelings toward others. Then there really is no barrier at all.

I now have a new perspective of love for a country. Having a love for a country I think is more about the people and community of the country. That is what I want my overall experiences in a new country to be about, not about the fun activities or luxuries of the country. El Espino will always have a place in my heart.