In a mere two days I will be in El Salvador. I can smell the Central American air when I take a deep breath in…Of course, I’ve never had the opportunity to travel to Central America before so the scent in my nostrils is just my mind playing tricks on me. But I’m curious, what does El Salvador smell like? I can imagine the thick, heavy air hanging wet with moisture around my shoulders carrying the scent of the famous pupusas (which I hear are totally delicious and very similar to eating a stuffed tortilla). I can imagine the bright sun on my face as I take my first look around the town that we will be spending most of our time in, called El Espino.

I am thoroughly excited to participate in this adventure and I know I will return to the United States looking through changed eyes. Travel has a funny way of changing people for the better and I can’t wait to grow and learn with the other participants of the trip. It’s so interesting watching relationships blossom between people and I think I’ll have a few new friends when the journey is all said and done. But who wants to think about the end before the trip has even begun? Not me, that’s for sure! I want to be fully involved and present each moment that I’m gifted with in El Salvador.

In general, I’m most excited to speak Spanish with the local people, to try new food, and to visit the tomb of Archbishop Oscar Romero. Really, anything we do down there will be something I’m excited about. It will be interesting to test my Spanish skills once again. I hope that I’ll be able to communicate the way I’d like to–without too much struggle & strife–but I guess that’s all part of learning.

Ah, there’s so much to do before we go, but I let the pre-trip stress roll off my back and remember how lucky and grateful I feel for this opportunity. Two more days….. two more days….