Yesterday one of my most precious dreams came true, the dream to visit Monseñor (Archbishop) Oscar Romero’s tomb. Since the moment I learned about his life I have always wished and wanted to come and visit not only where he fought for Salvadoran civil right but this magnificent country full of culture, love and caring people. We visited the University of Central America yesterday, where we learned more about the Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador, where Salvadoran armed forces entered the campus of the Jesuits’ university and brutally murdered the six Jesuits, together with two women. Our tour guide gave us a lesson about Monseñor’s best friend Rutilio Grande, and the big impact Grande was for Romero to speak about the war and against the Salvadoran government.

One of the most powerful moments for me was at the University of Central America, when the guide showed us where the six Jesuits where killed. They have a beautiful garden full of roses for all the people that died during the war. The moment was so heartbreaking for me that I was forced to wear my sunglasses to cover my tears. Inside the museum of Oscar Romero in UCA, they had some stuff that belonged to Monseñor. Being so close to those items made me realize that I was standing on holy ground.

All the people at the chapel were absolutely nice to me, providing me with information about Monseñor and what his mission was. The chapel was semi-full with people from all over Central America, and others parts of the world. Everything that I learned made me realize the big role the American government played in all of this killing, and how easy it is for someone to kill or disappear someone.

Reading some of his quotes and being in the same place where he preached and he defended the Salvadoran people was absolutely amazing. It was an experience that I can’t find the proper words to describe.