So the last day of this trip was pretty sad and exciting. Exciting because I finally get to see my family after 9 days. I actually miss them. I could stay away longer but my mom will probably kill me. Sad because I am leaving El Salvador and because I hope I get to stay in touch with all the people that came on this trip. It was an awesome group. We all loved each other and had one of the best experiences we will have in our lifetimes.

On the way home, I do have a lot of thoughts but it’s too much to write down. I know I have a lot of time on this plane, but you have any questions, just give me a call. I’d love to tell you more about this trip. I believe it changed the way I am going to live my life. Especially I am not going to be so needy and just be thankful for what I have now and just live life to the fullest.

Your one and only BenJAMIN Gemoya.