Carlos Amilcar is 19 years old, currently studying his first year of Agricultural Engineering at the University of El Salvador. He has been in the Scholarship Program since 2017, and is set to graduate in 2025. Carlos says the Program has strenghten his principles and values, and besides growing academically, he’s serving his community and sharing experiences with others. He has a great desire of being successful and has developed a vision of working for his community in the future.  Carlos mentions that all the scholarship recipients in the program work very hard to carry out social projects to benefit their community. He has participated in environmental workshops, water filters deliveries, and spay and neuter campaigns. Carlos says all these activities bring students together, and help create a network of support. In the future, Carlos plans to find a job in his field, help his family financially and design and build his own house. He wants to remain committed to the Program and continue supporting its activities.