Esli Carpio is in his 6th year at the Universidad de El Salvador, majoring in International Marketing. She joined the FCE Scholarship Program when she was in high school in 2014. Esli lives with her parents and theree sibings. According to Esli, the scholarship program has a great impact on her community as it provides an opportunity to continue studying for those who do not have the resources to do so. She also says that everyone learns a lot from the program. One of the recent challenges Esli has had to face is internet and computer access, because with online classes it is vital for studenets to have a good internet connection and in El Espino networks have failed quite a lot. She mentions that after a year of online classes, adapting to online classes has not been easy. Learning is more difficult, and her workload is greater. Despite those diffiulties, she is motivated to continue moving ahead in her studies. 

After graduating she wants to put all her knowledge to use and get a job, or even start her own business. One of her biggest goals is to stay active in the project and eventually support some young person like her who needs support to continue.