Jair Alexis is in his first year in high school at the Instituto Nacional Francisco Menendez. He is 16 years old and lives with his parents and two brothers. Despite being new in the scholarship program, he acknowledges that the program has had a positive impact on his community. He says that thanks to the spay and neuter campaigns FCE has brought to his community, people to take care of their animals and avoid expenses that they normally cannot afford. He hopes FCE continues to help more young people to continue studying and accomplish their goals. 

Jair says that the main obstacle he has faced has been the economic issue. His parents try to give him and his brothers everything necessary for the home and support them in school, but he mentions that there are difficulties. It has also been difficult for him to adapt to higher-level classes, mainly in mathematics.

After finishing high school, he wants to continue studying at University, either in foreign languages or culinary arts. Then, he wants to get a decent job and support his parents financially and be able to help his community.