Katya Fabiola is an Industrial Engineering student at the Universidad don Bosco. This is Katya’s first year in university. She started in the FCE Scholarship Program in January 2019 when she was in high school. Despite being a 17 -year-old lady, Katya has already accomplished many goals, being one of them graduating from high school and enrolling in a university.

Katya says that the program has had a huge possitive impact on her life, as it seeks to create new opportunities and to prepare young people to have a better future and become leaders in their communities who contribute a little to changing the reality that they face day to day. Upon her university graduation, she wants to get a decent job and help her mom financially, and repay her for everything she’s done for her. Not only that, but also she would like to support other young people in the future so that they can study and help their community move forward.