Katya is in her second year of high school at the Francisco Menendez National Institute. She is set to graduate at the end of 2020. She lives with her mother, grandmother and brother. Katya has a morning class schedule, and spends most of her time at school. Her classes start at 7:00am and finish at 5:00pm. Despite of being one of the newest members in the scholarship program, Katya acknowledges that has learned a lot in a year. She has become more sociable and has made many new friends. She credits her personal and academical growth to the Program. For Katya, her community has grown a lot and has been impacted by different social projects such as health care, clean water and environmental projects, in which she has had an active participation. One obstacle Katya had to face last year was a health issue, which affected her attendance in school and also her grades. However, Katya is doing well now, and when she graduates from high school, she wants to pursue a career in a university. One of her dreams is to support her family financially, and give her brother the opportunity to go to a university.