William studies at the Escuela de Aviación Dárdano Aerotech in hopes of graduating as an Aeronautical Maintenance Technician. He has been a member of the scholarship program since January 2018 and is expected to graduate in 2021. He lives at home with his mom, dad, aunt, and cousin, who is close to his age and also a student. William says the scholarship program has given him opportunities to grow and learn, especially through participation in both the Spay and Neuter Campaigns and the Clean Water Program. The main obstacle facing him for completion of his studies is finances; even with the support of his family and the scholarship program it is difficult at times for him to continue studying at the university level. After graduating he plans on looking for work in his field of study and then eventually being able to give back to the community and provide financial support to the scholarship program in order to allow other students facing financial difficulties to have the opportunity to study in a university.