Daniela Pérez is in her 4th year in the Acquisition of Target Languages Program at Universidad don Bosco. She is 22 years old, and stared in the scholarship program in 2017. Daniela lives with her parents and a sister. Daniela says that it’s a pleasure to be part of this program, because it created great opportunities in her life. She mentions that thanks to the scholarship, she has been able to continue studying and working to achieve her goals. 

When she becomes a professional, Daniela wants to work and support her parents. Then she would like to start a language academy that offers courses at affordable rates and provides scholarships to young people who want to learn a new language. She also wants to offer her support to the FCE Scholarship Program, because she says that they were there for her when she needed them most. Soon she will be graduating and begin her professional career thanks to FCE. Finally, she would like to travel to Italy to learn the language and bring it to her home to teach to the young people of her country.