Jairo is a 20-year-old young man who is studying his 4th year of systems engineering at the University of El Salvador. He is set to graduate in 2023, and has been involved in the scholarship program since 2015. He has to get up very early every morning to go to school. He leaves his home at 5:00 a.m. to get on time to his classes. Jairo lives with his parents and his younger brother. Being part of the program has had a possitive impact in Jairo’s life. He participates in monthly workshops carried out by university scholarship recipients from the program, and wihtin these workshops he has increased his knowledge in different areas such as environment, gender equality, sexual and reproductive rights, and also violence towards women. Jairo is committed to help his community move forward, and he demonstrates that through his participation in social projects that seek to improve the environment and cleanliness of his community. Jairo’s dream is to find a job in his field of study, and be able to help his family financially, and acquire his own means of transport. He looks forward to continnue contributing to the scholarship program when he graduates, as he wants to accompany young people through their academical growth. Jairo wants to sponsor a young person in the future, as he wants to give others the opportuinity to pursue a carreer.