Ivania is in her first year at the Escuela Especializada en Ingeniería (ITCA) where she studies Clinical Laboratory Science and is set to graduate in 2022. She has been in the scholarship program since January 2017 and credits it with allowing her to both finish high school and continue studying at a university. She wants to graduate and find work in her field of study, but specifically work that requires fluency in English. Ivania has dedicated herself to studying English over the years and wants to be able to utilize it in whatever she does. She lives with her two grandparents who do what they can to make ends meet, but struggle to fully financially support Ivania and her continued studies. She leaves for school before 5:00am each morning and doesn’t return home until 7:00pm so she has to stay very focused in order to get everything done both personally and academically. Within the community, Ivania recognizes that the scholarship program has helped in many ways. It brings students together and provides a network of support, as well as the various social projects that bring awareness and knowledge to various issues within the community such as health care and clean water.