Mayra, despite being only 17, is in her first year at the Universidad de El Salvador where she is studying Economics. She is set to graduate in 2025 and after graduating hopes to find work within her field of study. Eventually she would like to be able to go back to school and get her Master’s degree because that would allow her to find better job opportunities and higher paying jobs. She lives at home with her mom and dad and her twin sister who is also in school. The scholarship program has allowed her to meet other students and form relationships with them, as well as learn throughout all of the workshops and projects that are done within the community. The biggest obstacles facing Mayra and her furthering her education are lacking economic resources which impacts her being able to have access to all the materials she needs for her studies, and also the increasing violence which oftentimes makes her feel unsafe and discouraged from continuing to study. However, she loves learning and loves having the opportunity to go to classes so she is hopeful for the future and her plans.