Kevin is currently studying Journalism at the Universidad de El Salvador with an anticipated graduation date of 2026. He has a morning class schedule so he leaves his home by 4:00am to make it to school by 7:00am and then is able to return home by 2:00pm to study and help out around the house. He lives with his dad, aunt, grandparents, two brothers, and one sister. Two of his siblings are working and one of his siblings is also a student like Kevin. Kevin has been in the scholarship program since 2016 and, with the financial and moral support, is the first in his family to attend a university. The program has also taught him how to be a more productive and contributive member of society, as well as teaching other community members the same through the various social projects and workshops. When Kevin was very young his mother passed away, which has resulted in his family facing many financial difficulties. The program has allowed him to continue studying despite these by providing him the opportunity to go to school instead of look for work. Additionally, Kevin recognizes how hard it is for young people to pursue their dreams within their society because of all the violence and the lack of economic resources and opportunity, and the failing public transport system. All of these can feel disheartening and make it difficult to continue studying, but the encouragement and support of the scholarship program and the scholarship community help him to stay in school and keep studying. Another passion of his is dance and he would love to eventually be able to attend a dance academy and work towards becoming a professional dancer, although his primary goal at the moment is to graduate college in a few years and find a job that will allow him to help financially support his family.