Jennifer Marielos studies Journalism at the Universidad de El Salvador. She is already in her third year, and plans to graduate in 2024.  She started in the FCE Scholarsip Program when she was in high school, back in 2017. Marielos lives with her mother and younger brother. Marielos says that being a part of the scholarship program changed her life in a big way because every day she learns to see things differently, because not only do FCE supports her financially, but they also support her morally. She says that before being part of the program she saw studying simply as a way to improve her own conditions, but living with the other students and hearing their stories has made her realize that she has to move forward to elevate not only herself, but aslo her family and her community. In addition, seeing students that have already graduated motivates her to not give up when she feels that things are not going well.

Upon her graduation, she would like to find a stable job and pay for a master’s degree or another bachelor’s. In addition to contributing to the scholarship program so that other young people continue studying, She would like to be an example for those who are starting out and motivate them so that they know that anything is possible if they strive.